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CEA 300: Engineering Computations with MATLAB - Part 1
CEA 300:  Engineering Computations with MATLAB - Part 1
Base Course Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $425.00
Savings: $25.00

Product Code: CEA-300

Start & End Dates*:
One Semester: August 20th - December 21st
One Semester: December 3rd - April 26th
One Semester: January 7th - May 17th
One Semester: October 1st - February 15th
One Semester: October 29th - March 15th
One Semester: September 4th - January 18th

Description Technology Requirements

Engineering Computations with MATLAB – Part 1 is a one-semester course that introduces students to fundamental programming logic and concepts that are implemented in the context of engineering applications using MATLAB. MATLAB is a text-based, sequential programming environment that is quickly becoming a staple in undergraduate engineering curricula for teaching, programming and implementing computational solutions to engineering problems. Specific applications include data analysis and visualization, digital signal processing, and modeling of physical systems. The content of the course is consistent with what is taught in an introductory programming course for engineers at the undergraduate level.

Target Audience: 10th – 12th grades

Pre-/Co-requisites: Geometry

Content Knowledge:

  • Data Types and Data Structures
  • Programming Syntax
  • Loop and Flow Control Structures
  • Screen-directed and Graphical Input and Output
  • File Input and Output
  • Modeling of Physical Systems
  • Development of User-defined Functions
  • Error Trapping

Hard Skills:

  • Proficiency in programming concepts and structures that are common to all languages
  • Proficiency in text-based (sequential) programming using MATLAB

Soft Skills:

  • Written communication – Engineering Memos, correspondence with TAs, formal technical papers
  • Oral communication – formal presentations, communication with TAs, original screencasts
  • Group work (as learning environment allows)

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